Nipomo Parks Master Plan header

It is County Counsel’s job to provide legal support and defend the thoughtful and difficult work of more than 100 County entities and departments.

For three years, County Counsel provided a significant amount of skill, knowledge and hard work defending the Nipomo Community Park Master Plan, all of which paid off in 2016 with a Superior Court ruling in the County’s favor.

As with many County projects, a local community group challenged the Nipomo Community Park Master Plan in court. County Counsel defended the County in court and argued that the plan was in-line with the County General Plan, environmental issues were adequately addressed, and sufficient water was guaranteed for current and future park activities.

The Nipomo Community Park Master Plan serves as a guide for the management and eventual expansion of the activities at Nipomo Community Park, the only public park currently located in Nipomo. With this plan, the County set out to:

  • consider and support active citizen input in the decision-making process
  • provide a range of passive and active facilities and use areas to meet the recreational needs of the community
  • maintain and upgrade existing recreational and community facilities and amenities
  • effectively manage current and projected levels of park uses
  • provide amenities that are aesthetically consistent with the regional character of the area
  • provide a community recreation center within the unincorporated community of Nipomo
  • incorporate infrastructure and circulation improvements to meet existing and estimated future motor vehicle transportation warrants
  • apply adaptive management strategies, including the use of improved technology, to address new planning and management issues as they arise

County Parks and County Planning both spent a considerable amount of time and effort ensuring that the master plan was in the community’s best interest and complied with all applicable laws and regulations.

After three long years of consideration, the local Superior Court concluded in 2016 that the Nipomo Community Park Master Plan is consistent with the County’s General Plan, environmental concerns have been sufficiently considered, and the master plan does not and cannot require additional water.

By supporting and defending the County’s work, the County Counsel’s office helped to ensure that our community is safe, healthy, livable, prosperous, and well-governed.