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In order to provide the community with efficient, effective vital services, the County has a small department working behind the scenes that supports the operational needs of all County departments.

This department is called Central Services, and in 2016, its small team of about 29 full-time staff members managed County purchasing, fleet, real property, and mail delivery services, and provided responsive and cost-effective services to departments to achieve their goals. In 2016, the Central Services Department:

  • Managed 150 leased public properties and 274 parcels of County-owned real estate
  • Saved County departments about $2 million on goods and services purchased
  • Finished replacing 126 non-emergency vehicles, which reduced the County’s carbon footprint
  • Processed and produced 15 film permits allowing entertainment industry to film commercials, television shows and motion pictures here in SLO County
  • Delivered nearly 1 million pieces of internal and external mail to County departments during business hours

Thanks to its hard work in these areas, the department helped the County earn numerous awards and accolades. The County earned the prestigious 21st Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement for 2016 from the National Procurement Institute, Inc. and the Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement award from the National Institute of Governmental Procurement.

Both awards recognize public organizations across the nation by evaluating their procedures and strategies when it comes to procuring goods, services and supplies using public funds. The County was one of only 48 counties in the United States and Canada to earn the Achievement of Excellence award and one of only 58 governmental agencies in the United States and Canada to earn the accreditation. It was the only agency in California to receive both awards.

“This accreditation solidifies the County of San Luis Obispo’s purchasing competency and credibility,” said County Central Services Director, Will Clemens. “We are stewards of public funds and we must all work together to maintain public trust in how we spend public funds. This award demonstrates that we’re leaders in the public sector in this area.”

The County also won a spot on the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas, a program that recognizes and rewards high-performing fleet operations.  Currently in its 16th year, 100 Best Fleets identifies and encourages ever-increasing levels of performance improvement within the fleet industry.

One of the County’s automotive mechanics, Jason Boardman, designed and assembled two solid-state control modules used in Sheriff’s patrol vehicles.  The first module automatically disables the siren when the vehicle is placed in park, allowing public safety drivers to exit their vehicles faster in emergency situations, while at the same time, reducing the vehicle electric usage and improving reliability.  The second module prevents the patrol vehicle from being stolen while unattended and left running.

The Central Services team also helped the County Health Agency’s Behavioral Health Department expand its South County operations. By providing leasing services, Central Services staff helped the Behavioral Health Department provide services required by the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, Central Services staff provided leasing expertise and assistance to help the County Department of Social Services expand its North County Welfare to Work program and its San Luis Obispo social services programs, to provide for additional staff and mass storage needed to respond to an increase in caseloads following Affordable Care Act implementation.

2016 Productions in SLO County

The County’s Central Services Department issued 15 film permits, totaling $7,268, allowing various individuals and organizations to film commercials, movies, and other advertisements here in SLO County. Below is information on some of those permits.

subaru logo

Subaru commercial. The County issued a film permit in January 2016 to a production company called Mopod Films, LLC., to film a Subaru car commercial. The commercial was filmed in North County on Vineyard Drive, Adelaida Road, Chimney Rock Road, and Santa Rita Road. The production included an unmanned aircraft (drone) and required traffic control by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The County Sheriff’s Office, County Fire Department, and the local Federal Aviation Administration tower were all notified in advance. Local residents were also notified 72 hours in advance.

inheritance movie poster

Independent Film “Inheritance”. The County issued a film permit in February 2016 to Portola Pictures, LLC, to film an independent movie called “Inheritance” in Cayucos. The County Sheriff was advised of the filming and no traffic control was needed from the CHP. However, there were temporary closures to six parking stalls and a sidewalk. Special event signage was also required. Portions of the film were shot in Third Street Park, Cayucos Market, on Cayucos Beach, Cayucos Pier, and four County roads.

Real housewives logoe

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The County issued a film permit in July 2016 to Evolution Film and Tape, Inc., to film background shots in Cambria for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Most of the filming was conducted at private residences, but some filming was done on Main Street and Moonstone Beach Drive.